King Charles portrait painter unveils new work of Sir David Attenborough

The artist who painted King Charles' first official portrait following his coronation has released a new work of Sir David Attenborough.

Jonathan Yeo's new artwork was unveiled by the Royal Society and marks the broadcaster and naturalist's four decades as a fellow there.

His portrait of the King became known for its striking use of colour - and his work of Sir David is no different.

As the King was represented in shades of red, Sir David is painted in greens - with the portrait going on public display at the Royal Society for five days from 2 July to 7 July as part of the Summer Science Exhibition.

Sir David, 98, said: "It was a tremendous honour to be elected a fellow of the Royal Society over 40 years ago, and that my portrait has now been painted by such a master as Jonathan Yeo for the society's extensive and important collection is extraordinary indeed.

"To spend so much of my life looking at the natural world and attempting to convey to others its amazing complexity, beauty and, increasingly, its fragility, has been a great privilege.

"It has only been possible thanks to the extraordinary natural history filmmakers and the many dedicated scientists who have willingly shared their work with us."

The painting was unveiled at a private event on Tuesday.

British artist Mr Yeo's previous work includes the likes of Idris Elba, Nicole Kidman, Malala Yousafzai, and former prime ministers Lord David Cameron and Sir Tony Blair.

Mr Yeo described Sir David as a "personal inspiration" and said it had been a "huge honour" to paint his portrait.

He added: "It's hard to imagine a public figure who has done more to engage and inspire all generations in the wonders of the natural world than Sir David.

"At a time when too many global leaders are failing to engage seriously in tackling threats to our climate and natural world, Sir David's lifetime of work in communicating and sharing its wonders and importance has been a service to all humanity.

"It has been a thrill as well as a privilege to spend so much time with someone whose wisdom is so deep and broad, and who is also such brilliant and entertaining company."

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His new oil work, which is 130cm x 100cm, celebrates Sir David's career and how he raises awareness of "climate change and biodiversity".

Head of library and archives at the Royal Society, Keith Moore, said: "We're thrilled to have this portrait of Sir David as part of our collections.

"The Royal Society has many pictures of great scientists, over 300 original works of art and around 10,000 engravings and photographs.

"You can find so many individuals from the scientific community of past centuries here: from Isaac Newton to Charles Darwin, and from Albert Einstein and Dorothy Hodgkin.

"But I'd defy you to find anyone who has touched as many people's lives in explaining the ideas behind great science, and how they affect our world, as Sir David. He's one of a kind."