King Charles and Queen Camilla pay tribute to fans and workers for giving them ‘greatest coronation gift’

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King Charles and Queen Camilla have paid tribute to their fans and people who worked to mark their crowning for giving them the “greatest coronation gift”.
The monarch, 74, and his 75-year-year-old wife – whose coronation was held at London’s Westminster Abbey on Saturday (06.05.23) – made the statement as official portraits of the couple were released on the Bank Holiday Monday (08.05.23) to mark the historic occasion.
Charles’ written statement to go with them said: “As the coronation weekend draws to a close, my wife and I just wanted to share our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped to make this such a special occasion.
“We pay particular tribute to the countless people who have given their time and dedication to ensuring that the celebrations in London, Windsor and further afield were as happy, safe and enjoyable as possible.
“To those who joined in the celebrations – whether at home, at street parties and lunches, or by volunteering in communities – we thank you, each and every one.
“To know that we have your support and encouragement, and to witness your kindness expressed in so many different ways, has been the greatest possible Coronation gift, as we now rededicate our lives to serving the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and Commonwealth.”
Four images to mark the coronation were released, the first of which taken by photographer Hugo Burnaud, 59, showed Charles seated in his full royal regalia,
posing with the crown jewels in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace, wearing the Imperial State Crown and holding the Orb and Sceptre with Cross.
The crown worn by Charles was made for the Coronation of King George VI in 1937, and closely based on a crown designed for Queen Victoria in 1838, set with 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 269 pearls and four rubies, and was placed top of the late Queen Elizabeth’s coffin after her death aged 96 in September.
Another picture shows twelve working royals including Prince William, 40, and his wife Princess Katherine, 41, but without Prince Harry, 38, or 63-year-old Prince Andrew.
The King and Queen Camilla also posed in a joint image showing them smiling.