King Charles will be 'very careful' in his approach, says royal expert

King Charles is likely to be "very careful" during his time as monarch, according to one royal expert.
Victoria Murphy believes continuity and stability will be the themes of Charles' time on the throne, suggesting there won't be any "jarring differences" between the new king and Queen Elizabeth.
She said: "Don't expect any huge, jarring differences. He will be very careful."
Charles, 73, has previously insisted he won't be a meddling king.
However, Sir Lloyd Dorfman - who worked with the king for many years on his Prince's Trust charity - believes he won't completely end his involvement with issues like climate change.
He told the BBC: "He's very knowledgeable, very effective. It's hard to imagine he'll give that up in a cliff-edge way on the day he becomes sovereign."
Sir Anthony Seldon, an historian and author, believes Charles' long-held views about climate change have given him an "Attenborough-aura".
He noted that Charles was taken very seriously by US President Joe Biden during the climate change summit in Glasgow in 2021.
He said: "It wasn't just platitudes. The two of them sat down together in a corner and Biden was saying: 'You got all this going'."
In 2018, Charles insisted he would behave markedly different once he became king.
The 73-year-old royal has previously faced accusations of being overly-opinionated - but he promised that wouldn't be the case once he ascended to the throne.
Asked if public campaigning would continue when he became king, Charles - who was the longest-waiting heir to the British throne - replied: "I'm not that stupid. I do realise that it is a separate exercise being sovereign, so of course I understand entirely how that should operate."