King Charles went breakdancing with topless women in Brazil

King Charles once breakdanced in Brazil with topless women.
The 73-year-old monarch - who was known as Prince Charles before he acceded to the throne upon the death of Queen Elizabeth in September - is played by Dominic West in Netflix hit 'The Crown' where he was was depicted carrying out the street dance at a charty event in a new episode and series consultant Andrew Morton has claimed he once took his talent abroad.
He told Entertainment Tonight: "I found it fascinating. They asked me the most specific questions -- like the color of the wallpaper. What I learned is they do take liberties, but a lot of truth. Yes, [he can break dance]! He breakdanced in Brazil with topless ladies!"
In the new fifth season episode of 'The Crown', Prince Charles is seen breakdancing to 1992 hip hop track 'Don’t Sweat the Technique' but the scene is in fact based on a real-life event from March 1985, which saw the now-King taking part in a workshop for his Prince's Trust charity est Sussex.
At the time, a report read: "Throwing royal decorum aside, Prince Charles got down on his knees with a group of youngsters at a workshop for the unemployed and joined them in break-dancing.
He’s very good, he got his foot movements right,’ said Dwayne Smith, who enticed the prince into joining him and two other youngsters on Friday. ‘He said no, he couldn’t do it, but I said come on. He asked me to give him some dancing lessons.’”