Kit Harington: Climate change should not be controversial!

Kit Harington has insisted that climate change is "very real."
The 36-year-old actor - who is married to Rose Leslie and has a two-year-old son whose name has not yet been revealed publicly with her - explained that global warming and its effect on the planet should "not in anyway controversial" and is certain he will be having conversations with his children about it in the future.
He told ExtraTV: "I mean, as far as I'm concerned, controversy doesn't come into it… Climate change is real. It's there, it's happening, and we need to do something. Shouldn't be in any way controversial. I just, I know I'm going to have conversations in the future with my children where they ask me why we didn't do certain things or why we did do certain things, why we drove petrol cars, why we, um, ate meat, why all sorts of stuff that
"I think is going to be really complicated conversations, and I have a lot to answer for and I think I'll have to take a lot of it on the chin. Hopefully, we're living in a world by then that has changed drastically. I've got a lot of optimism. I've got a lot of hope. I think we are making changes… We need to make them faster!"
Meanwhile, the former 'Game of Thrones' star was asked if had seen 'House of Dragon' series - which serves as a spin-off to the HBO fantasy that made him a household name - and admitted that he has seen a handful of episodes and admitted that whilst the crew had done a "fantastic job" on the new show, he struggles to watch it because he was a prt of that word for so long.
He said: "I've seen the first few episodes… They've done a fantastic job with it… It's hard for me to watch because I lived in it for so long. There's a pain there, you know? So I'm working my way through it slowly. You're watching a lot of people in your costumes!"