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John Lewis restocks 'fantastic' six-piece Tefal pan set which saves you £122

They can be used on all hob types, including induction.

(Tefal / Yahoo Life UK)
You have until the 17 June to shop this fantastic deal from John Lewis. (Tefal / Yahoo Life UK)

The foundation to any kitchen is a good set of pans. We're talking frying pans, saucepans, griddle pans, stock pots and more, especially if you're a passionate cook. But it goes without saying, quality pans come at a price, and more often than not, they'll set you back a good sum of money.

Quick overview
  • Tefal Enhance Aluminium Non-Stick Frying Pan & Saucepan Set, 6 Piece

    Save £122
  • Tefal Emotion Stainless Steel Saucepan & Non-Stick Frying Pan Set, 5 Piece

    Save £43
  • Tefal Emotion Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan, 20cm

    Save £10

Which is why we couldn't help but shout about this John Lewis deal which just got restocked after flying off the shelves when it first went on sale — this six-piece non-stick pan set from Tefal, originally £221, discounted to just £99. That's a huge £122 saving! Plus, if you do the maths that's just £16.50 per pan, talk about a bargain?

The perfect starter set, whether you've just moved house, embarked on a kitchen renovation or just fancy some new additions, this bundle comes with two frying pans, three saucepans with glass lids, and a stew pot, also with a glass lid. And at just £99, it couldn't be better value for money.

Shop this great value six-piece Tefal cookware set including two frying saucepans, three saucepans with glass lids and a stew pot with a glass lid. 

£99 at John Lewis

This set comes with six types of pans: a 20cm frying pan, 26cm frying pan, 16cm saucepan and lid, 18cm saucepan and lid, 20cm saucepan and lid, and 24cm stew pot and lid.

Great for daily use, the two frying pans can be used for everything from sunny-side-up eggs to crispy bacon, or sautéed vegetables. While the various saucepans are great for cooking up homemade sauces, family-sized pasta dishes, soups and more.

Each pan is made from a lightweight aluminium for quick and even heat distribution, and they come with ergonomic handles for unmatched comfort when cooking. The pans also all have an extra-thick titanium non-stick surface, which mean metal utensils can be used while cooking and you won't have anything sticking to the bottom of the frying pan.

The set comes with six types of pans, in various sizes and perfect for daily use. (Tefal)
The heat indicator at the centre of the pan will change to a solid red colour to alert you when your pan is heated up and is ready to go. (Tefal)

£99 £221 at John Lewis Shop Tefal at John Lewis

They're also dishwasher-safe for an effortless clean-up. That's right, no more hunching over the kitchen sink desperately trying to scrub your pans clean!

If that wasn't enough, they come complete with Tefal's signature Thermo-Signal technology — the heat indicator at the centre of the pan will change to a solid red colour to alert you when your pan is heated up and is ready to go.

As for compatibility, they can be used on all hob types, including induction.

6-piece set includes:

  • 3x Saucepans with glass lids: 16cm - 1.7L, 18cm - 2.2L, 20cm - 2.8L

  • 2x Frying pans: 20cm, 26cm

  • 1x Stew pot with glass lid: 24cm

Rated an average 4.7 out of five stars by John Lewis shoppers, it's clear the pans are worth the investment, with happy customers describing them as "great quality" and "excellent value".

  • "I invested last year in a full Tefal set which included various size pans and frying pans. WOW - I cannot believe the difference in these to my old own set. Completely non stick and great for cooking with. I use less oil and nothing sticks to the pan. Will definitely recommend to everyone and never change back from Tefal."

  • "I have had these pans for years and love them. They have never failed me and I've never experienced any problems."

  • "I bought these saucepans when they were on offer, but I'd willingly pay the full price for them. Great quality and easy to clean. Really recommend as a starter pan and saucepan set."

  • "So happy with the quality and weight of these pots and pans."

  • "Had to buy these when I realised that the cooker in my new house had an induction hob. Panic! But John Lewis came to the rescue. They were ordered that day and delivered shortly afterwards with a 2 year guarantee. I love their shape and they're easy to stir in, too. Their finish is ideal for hand washing or dishwasher and they look amazing, complimenting my lovely new kitchen perfectly. And very importantly they were such good value and cheaper than the same product elsewhere. I can't recommend them more highly."

This five-piece stainless steel set features Tefal's signature Thermo-Spot technology, along with interior capacity markings to help you cook the right quantities when following recipes. 

£126 at John Lewis

Add this long-lasting, stainless steel, non-stick frying pan to your collection of pans and never look back. 

£28 at John Lewis