Kmart shoppers left fuming after 'shocking' state of skirt following one wash: 'Super disappointed'

Kmart may be a budget retailer, but shoppers aren't impressed with the quality of this popular kid's clothing item.

A Kmart store (left) and a girl in the skirt (right).
Kmart shoppers are outraged after the bright rainbow skirt faded after a single wash. Source: Getty/Kmart

Several Kmart shoppers have been left sorely disappointed after they say a popular children's clothing item was left ruined after a single wash. Mum Steph Wight said her daughter was "super upset" after the skirt was "totally destroyed".

The Victorian mum told Yahoo Lifestyle she followed the recommended care instructions, which state that a cold machine wash with similar colours is best. Despite this, the results were less than ideal.

“I turned it inside out and did a cold, delicate wash," Wight said.

The $10 printed skirt from the budget retailer is made from jersey fabric and comes in a range of colours, including the metallic print.

Kmart rainbow skirt (left) and after it was washed (right).
The popular item was very colourful at first, but faded almost completely after one wash. Source: Kmart/Supplied

After washing, the skirt was completely stripped of any colour and became a faded white. Wight didn’t use anything unusual in her wash, just the regular Omo washing pods she normally uses.

“I was a bit shocked when I saw that it was practically a white skirt. My daughter is super upset as she had wanted it for a while,” she said.

When contacted about the skirt fading by Yahoo Lifestyle a Kmart spokesperson said: "We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality products at the lowest price".

"We investigate any quality issues that are raised with us," the spokesperson said.

"We encourage any customer who experiences an issue with a product to get in touch with our customer service team to ensure that it can be investigated properly."


When Wight posted about her disappointment on Facebook, several other mums reported the same issue with the skirt after the first wash. The only way to prevent complete fading seems to be handwashing the printed cotton and elastane skirt.

“Ours did the exact same! One wash, cold,” one person wrote with another saying, “Ours did the same!! I legit use Aldi liquid, and it is stripped.”

“We have this skirt, and I hand-washed it… it doesn’t say hand wash on the tags, so take it back and get a refund!” another person said.

“I’ve found all the Kmart clothes I’ve bought with metallic embellishments do this no matter what way I wash it,” another added.

Kmart skirt fabric up close (left) and little girl wearing the skirt and a white top (right).
Some shoppers suggested that it was best to hand wash the skirt. Source: Kmart

But it seems it’s not only a problem with Kmart clothing, with others suggesting it's the type of material where the issue lies.

“It happens with foil prints, even from well-known brands. It’s a risk you take nowadays to buy a foil item of clothing that, if you wash it, it will probably lose its foil. It’s a known issue with fabric like this, yet they still sell them,” one person stated.


Wight said she was successfully able to return the skirt for store credit after not keeping her receipt but received no explanation from Kmart upon returning it.

“I know it's not personally the Kmart employee's fault, but an apology would have been nice,” she said.

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