Kmart shoppers share 'clever' twist on popular hack with $8 item: 'Perfect'

One woman has shared how she adopted the viral bathroom caddy hack for her small kitchen.

Kmart/ Kmart’s 2 Tier Arch Blonde Serve Stand.
Shoppers are using Kmart’s 2 Tier Arch Blonde Serve Stand to transform their kitchen. Photos: Getty / Kmart

Kmart shoppers have been transforming their kitchens with budget-friendly items that are both stylish and space-saving. Following the viral ‘hack’ where people have been using the retailer’s $15 3 Tier Floor Caddy to create a coffee station on their kitchen bench, one follower has revealed how they achieved a similar result with a much cheaper product.

Taking to a popular Facebook group this week, the woman shared that she purchased Kmart’s 2 Tier Arch Blonde Serve Stand for $8 to hold her coffee cups, sugar and tea jars. While the stand holds fewer items than the 3 Tier Floor Caddy - which can also store a toaster and kettle underneath - she said it’s “perfect” for the size of her kitchen.


“Everyone is really loving the shower caddy hack and I also loved it but I didn’t love the colour nor have the space,” she explained. “So instead of building one, I brought the clearance cake stand and did a mini version. Perfect for my little unit.”

Kmart’s 2 Tier Arch Blonde Serve Stand used as a coffee station / Kmart's 3 Tier Floor Caddy used as a coffee station.
Shoppers said they prefer the ‘mini version’ (left) compared to the 3 Tier Floor Caddy hack (right). Photos: Facebook

Shoppers quickly took to the comments to praise the finished result, with many people agreeing that it looks better than the 3 Tier Floor Caddy.

“Prefer your hack! Looks very nice,” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Less is more, I think it looks better”.

“Oh yes! I love this! I don't have a big kitchen bench to accommodate the other hack, but this one is perfect! Must see if I can find one,” a third shared.

“What a clever idea and it looks awesome,” a different user commented, while others said it looked “beautiful”, “fabulous” and “very pretty”.

Someone else replied saying they purchased the item a few months ago to display their coffee, tea and sugar on the bottom shelf with a fake plant and a reed diffuser on the top.

“Did mine back in April still love it,” they wrote alongside a photo of their coffee station.

Kmart’s 2 Tier Arch Blonde Serve Stand used as a coffee station.
Others have also used the Serve Stand to create a coffee station. Photo: Facebook

Kmart’s website describes the 2 Tier Arch Blonde Serve Stand, which is currently marked down from $20, as being “perfect for grazing platters and entertaining” and for serving “delicious treats to your guests”.


While plenty of people have been using the item to freshen up their kitchens, one shopper left a review on the product page saying they used it to add extra shelving in the bathroom.

“I grabbed this to use in my bathroom, great storage option,” they wrote.

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