The photo of a Palestinian man, stripped naked, that became a symbol of resistance

A photo showing an injured and handcuffed Palestinian man, stripped to his underwear, looking directly into the face of a fully-clad Israeli soldier standing over him has been shared tens of thousands of times online since early February. This photo, which was posted online for the first time in February, is just one of a number of photos of Palestinian detainees stripped naked that have been shared in recent months.

A photo that people say shows a Palestinian man who has been tortured has been causing outrage on social media since it began circulating on February 5. The man, who is only wearing black underwear, sits in a chair against a wall painted bright blue and yellow. His leg is bleeding. The detainee, however, meets the gaze of an Israeli soldier standing over him.

It seems as if the photo was first discovered and shared by Palestinian freelance journalist Younis Tirawi in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that has garnered seven million views since the morning of February 5. Tirawi said that he found the photo on the YouTube channel of an Israeli soldier named Yosee Gamzoo, adding that Gamzoo had shared an image of himself “torturing a Palestinian civilian”.

The photo was then picked up by a number of pro-Palestinian accounts in several languages. Many saw the man’s defiant gaze as a symbol of resistance against the Israeli army.

'We are in Gaza, not Abu Ghraib'

The photo was also picked up on X by Thomas Portes, a French politician, who said that the Israeli army was “criminal” and “genocidal”.

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