Kourtney Kardashian has double therapy sessions

Kourtney Kardashian has double sessions of therapy every week.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' struggles with anxiety and admits she enjoys heading to therapy each week to help her deal with it.

She said: "For the past three years I've been going to therapy. Once a week I go to a double session. I look forward to it every week! Having that awareness, I find that I can almost catch things before they become a bigger deal.

"When those harder moments do happen, I think, 'What's the lesson that I'm supposed to be learning?' My workouts are key, too. And I go to church once a week, if I can. I go with friends, and we go to dinner afterward. I'm such a homebody; it's important for me to force myself to do something social!"

And the 40-year-old reality television personality - who has Mason, 10, Penelope, seven, and Reign, five, with her ex-partner Scott Disick - feels "much better" when she isn't on social media and tries to set "boundaries" for herself to ensure she's not constantly scrolling through Twitter or Instagram or on her mobile phone.

Speaking to the April issue of Health magazine, she added: "I try to set boundaries because I notice how much better I feel when I'm not on it as much. I put my phone in the bathroom at nighttime. My kids don't have phones, but I make sure that all the devices in the house - iPads and computers - have the Night Shift [it reduces blue light] on 24 hours a day. And we definitely have time limits [on devices]."