Kristen Bell's favourite Christmas presents

Kristen Bell's favourite Christmas presents are "ugly masterpieces" from her kids.

The 'Frozen 2' star loves when her children - Lincoln, six, and Delta, five - make their presents for her as she loves how personal it is.

She said: "The best gift I've ever gotten, I like the junk presents that my kids give me. I know that sounds silly, but they always make you like ugly masterpieces out of like tile and Gorilla Glue and plants from the garden, and they glue everything together and they colour it, and they are just beautiful because you can just see how creative their brains were while they were making it. Those are kind of my favourite."

And Kristen is equally thoughtful when it comes to gifting presents too.

She added to Delish: "I got my friend, Jedediah, he was planning a trip to bike ride from the tip of Oregon to the tip of Patagonia, and he was learning Spanish, and his favourite book is East of Eden. I got a first edition copy of East of Eden from Spain. I sent it around to all of his family members and friends. I sent it to four different countries and had to rebind it halfway through, and I had all his family members graffiti inside of it, and put pictures of him and love notes, and it was huge when I gave it to him. It was like overstuffed. That was the best present I've ever given."