Kristen Bell 'grateful' to Dax Shepard for novel mastitis cure

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Kristen Bell breastfed Dax Shepard to cure her mastitis.
The 'Frozen' actress will always be "grateful" to her husband for helping her relieve the infection she'd acquired while nursing their younger daughter Delta, now seven, by unblocking her milk duct when she was unable to seek medical assistance for the problem.
Kristen - who also has Lincoln, nine, with her spouse - said: "One time I was particularly grateful for Dax was when I was breastfeeding our second girl and got mastitis. I’d had it before with my first daughter and learnt how dangerous it can get fast. It can go septic.
"I was standing in the shower trying all the homeopathic things but they didn’t work. We were away from home on location so I couldn’t see a doctor.
"Our daughter wasn’t latching well and preferred the bottle. So I pulled down my shirt and turned to Dax and said, 'I’m going to need you to take care of this.'
"And he nursed and sucked out whatever was blocking my duct and spat it into a mug.
"I woke up the next morning and it was gone. I’m glad I have a husband who would step up to the plate and do what needed to be done."
The 42-year-old actress' "favourite bit" about watching Dax, 47, raise their girls is seeing how affectionate he is with them.
She explained to the Sunday Times magazine: "Dax is extremely affectionate as a father. His readiness for emotional or physical affection with our girls is my favourite bit about his parenting. He is always up for a snuggle.
"That’s important because we want our girls to grow up knowing that a man is not afraid to hold their hand or be their shoulder to cry on if they need."

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