Kristen Stewart Gives Seth Meyers A ‘Lesbian Makeover’ In New ‘Day Drinking’ Segment

Seth Meyers and Kristen Stewart hilariously became “best friends” after some midday shenanigans in the new installment of Meyers’ “Late Night” segment “Day Drinking.”

During the segment, which aired Tuesday, the pair kicked things off by concocting some questionable cocktails based on several of Stewart’s films.

At one point, Meyers mixed up a drink inspired by 2008’s “Twilight,” which included Bloody Mary mix, a whole clove of garlic and some Romanian liqueur muddled with the most fitting tool — a wooden stake.

Seth Meyers and Kristen Stewart take shots during the latest
Seth Meyers and Kristen Stewart take shots during the latest "Day Drinking" segment on "Late Night with Seth Meyers." Lloyd Bishop/NBC

After Meyers and Stewart played a round of games ― including an “Ask Me Anything” session that ended in the late night host admitting he once didn’t make it to the bathroom in time after going for a run ― the two settled on their final challenge: a “lesbian makeover” for Meyers.

“Here’s the deal, Kristen Stewart,” Meyers said. “I have a bunch of lesbian accessories and clothes behind us, and I am now counting on you to turn me into a lesbian icon.” (Stewart identifies as bisexual.)

“Oh, God,” Stewart said.

“Just do it!” Meyers replied.

Fully drunk by this point, the “Love Lies Bleeding” star, 33, dressed up the 50-year-old comedian in skinny jeans, wire-frame glasses, a denim jacket and a beanie.

“Dude, you look fucking cool!” Stewart told Meyers, as he checked out his new outfit. “Do you not feel cooler than you’ve ever felt?”

“I feel as though I’ve reverted to what I’m supposed to be,” an equally hammered Meyers replied. “Thank you.”

Watch the full “Day Drinking” segment below: