'No one cleans like Gaston': Disney lockdown spectacular goes viral

Kristine Tarbert
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Kurt Tocci disney video
Kurt dressed up as Disney Characters for the clip. Photo: Facebook

With people around the world either social distancing, self-isolating or in complete lockdown, it’s no surprise that the internet has been flooded with what some of the more creative types have been up to when unable to leave their homes.

One video from a young actor and popular creator, who is stuck in coronavirus lockdown, has gone viral, after he turned his situation into a Disney spectacular.

“When Disneyland closes,” Kurt Tocci wrote alongside the clip he shared titled ‘Disney characters in quarantine’.

The hilarious montage sees Kurt dress up as a host of different Disney favourites - from the Lion King, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen - singing the tunes we all know and love, but with slightly different lyrics.

The clip on Facebook has since been shared over 700K times and had over 25M views.

disney character coronavirus video
Instead of 'Let it go' it was 'Just stay home'. Photo: Facebook

He goes on to explain the inspiration for the clip came from a popular coronavirus-related meme he’d seen doing the rounds on social media.

“This whole video has been inspired by this popular meme I saw circulating Facebook, so, credit to whomever came up with this! Hope you all enjoy my spin on the other popular songs as well,” he added in the comments.

quarantine disney meme
The meme that inspired him. Photo: Facebook

People of course also shared their love for the clip online.

“You had me at Rafiki...haha but this is the greatest thing on the Internet in awhile!” one person said.

“The Gaston part SENT me omfg,” another added, alongside a host of laughing emojis.

While a third said: “Ok but your voice is incredible!! Also hilarious video, love the lyric changes.”

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