Kylie Jenner raises concerns about 'beauty standards'

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Kylie Jenner raises concerns about her family's "beauty standards" in a new episode of 'The Kardashians'.
The 25-year-old make-up mogul - who owns her own cosmetics brand - has revealed that she doesn't want her daughter to follow in her footsteps.
Kylie - who has Stormi, five, and Aire, 14 months, with Travis Scott - said: "All of us just need to have a bigger conversation about the beauty standards that we're setting. I don't want my daughter to do the things I did."
The brunette beauty admitted to having regrets about some of her own choices.
She told a friend: "I wish I'd never touched anything to begin with."
In the trailer, Kylie doesn't go into detail about her beauty choices. However, she recently confessed to having had lip fillers.
Speaking to HommeGirls, Kylie shared: "I think a big misconception about me is that I’ve had so much surgery on my face and that I was some insecure person, and I really wasn’t!
"Yeah, I love full lips and wanted full lips, but growing up I was always the most confident person in the room. I was the girl performing for everyone."
Kylie confessed to feeling insecure about her lips. Despite this, the reality star insisted she doesn't regret having fillers.
She said: "I had my one lip insecurity thing, so I got lip filler, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I don’t regret it. But I always thought I was cute."
Meanwhile, Kylie also recently described make-up as a form of "self-expression".
The reality star - who has enjoyed huge success with her Kylie Cosmetics brand - told PEOPLE: "I really see make-up as a form of self-expression."