Labour Lead Slips to 20 Points a Day Before Vote, Poll of Polls Shows

(Bloomberg) -- Labour’s lead slipped to 20 points in Bloomberg’s poll of polls a day before Britons head to the voting booths to cast their ballots in the UK general election.

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While the margin is the worst for Labour of the six-week campaign, it still represents a sweeping advantage that puts party leader Keir Starmer on track to enter 10 Downing Street on Friday as the UK’s new prime minister, replacing the Conservative Rishi Sunak. Over the course of the campaign, the Tories have succeeded in chiselling just over 1 percentage point off the Labour lead.

On Wednesday morning, Labour was on 40.5% in Bloomberg’s composite, a rolling 14-day average using data from 11 polling companies stretching back to January 2021. The Tories — who have pivoted in the past two weeks to warning voters against giving Labour a “super-majority” in the House of Commons — rose a fraction to 20.4%. Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party dipped to 15.9% from a record 16.2% on Tuesday, while the Liberal Democrats also slipped a bit to 11.2% from a campaign high of 11.4%.

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