Lala Kent focuses on beauty brand after Randall Emmett split

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Lala Kent's beauty brand is helping her to deal with her split from Randall Emmett.
The 31-year-old star is focusing on her Give Them Lala Beauty brand following her acrimonious break-up from her former fiance.
Lala told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six Style column: "The Give Them Lala brand is something I’m so proud of and passionate about.
"We sell on social media, so in order for me to continue to build the brand, I can’t sit around and wallow in emotion. I have to get on with my day."
Lala is also determined to focus her attention of her daughter Ocean.
She said: "My nine-month-old doesn’t care about what’s going on in my personal life."
The TV star now feels ready "to move on and take on the world".
She shared: "Honestly, I don’t care much about what’s going on in may personal life. I’m just ready to move on and take on the world. I want to take it over.
"Whenever I’m feeling like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is too much,’ I go back to what I’m passionate about. And that’s my brand and what I’ve created in a very short period of time."
Earlier this month, Lala described Randall as the "worst thing to ever happen" to her.
She admitted that their split had been a "mindf***" - especially as they have a young daughter together.
She said: "I have to understand how the worst thing to ever happen or come into my life, how did they give me the best thing to ever happen in my life [her daughter Ocean]? It is such a mindf***."
Lala ended her engagement to Randall in October amid allegations he cheated on her.
Asked if anyone ever warned her about Randall, the blonde beauty replied: "I wish they f****** would have.
"I wish that somebody would’ve come to me and said, ‘I’m getting DMs about your person.’ No one voiced any concern for me and my relationship.
"I would give everything to turn back the clock and have someone tell me something."

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