‘How My Large Intestine Was Stolen’

YouTube/McDougal Bugle
YouTube/McDougal Bugle

An ulcerative colitis patient unhappy with the results of a surgical procedure allegedly embarked on a four-year stalking campaign against the doctor who performed it, vowing to brutalize and torture him until he was little more than “[a] consciousness trapped in a body experiencing nothing but physical and emotional pain and regret.”

That’s according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Daily Beast, which accuses Robert Bouton McDougal of threatening unspeakable violence against Dr. Jared Frattini and his family after an operation left the 27-year-old Costa Mesa, California resident with near-constant diarrhea.

“I dream of seeing him limbless and blind, but conscious,” McDougal posted to Substack on March 29. “I want bones shattered into pieces… He needs to be gunned down in the parking lot. He needs to be thrown in the back of a truck, and tortured. Brutally tortured. He needs to feel levels of pain no living creature has ever felt… I want to kill this man. I want to genocide his family. I want him tortured, skinned alive, mutilated.”

Ulcerative colitis is a form of irritable bowel disease that causes inflammation and bleeding in the colon and digestive tract.

McDougal’s white-hot temper has landed him in hot water before. In February 2017, the Costa Mesa resident made headlines over a very public dust-up with a community college chemistry professor who gave him a B on an exam. McDougal, who had to be pepper sprayed into submission, used a racial slur toward a campus security officer who responded to the scene, and was barred from the school for two years.

However, he returned the following month and vandalized two campus security vehicles, slashing their tires and scrawling swastikas and the N-word across their hoods, earning himself a six-month jail sentence followed by three years of probation. In 2022, McDougal was arrested in Florida on charges of assaulting a police officer, and was sentenced to six months probation. The following year, he was sentenced to another six months probation for threatening to kill members of the Tarpon Springs, Florida PD.

McDougal, who was arrested May 2 in Washington State on one federal count of stalking/interstate domestic violence, does not yet have an attorney listed in court records and was unable to be reached on Tuesday for comment. His lawyer in the previous campus case, John Christl, told The Daily Beast that he is not currently representing McDougal and has no information about who is.

A snippet from the criminal complaint against Robert Bouton McDougal.
U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida

The latest case against McDougal can be traced back nearly a half-decade, when the FBI “was made aware” of online threats toward Frattini, 50, and his family, according to the complaint, which was unsealed Monday in Tampa federal court. In February 2020, the complaint states, McDougal was admitted to a hospital in Pasco County, under Frattini’s care.

There, Frattini removed McDougal’s colon and rectum, according to a motion Christl filed in one of the Florida cases. This left McDougal with 15 or more daily attacks of diarrhea, the motion goes on, noting that the “acidic nature of these bowel movements also causes persistent and intense burning and a painful rash.”

By the summer of 2020, McDougal was starting to come unglued, according to the federal complaint. That’s when he began posting online videos containing unhinged threats to kill Frattini “for what McDougal considered an unnecessary surgery with complications,” the complaint continues.

“On or about August 17, 2020, McDougal posted a video on his Facebook page in which he said, ‘…I swear to God, [Jared]… everyone at [Frattini’s hospital], I’m gonna to fucking slaughter all of you, I am gonna fucking set your whole family on fire, I am gonna fucking knife off the limbs of every fucking family member, I’m gonna fucking murder you all,’” according to the complaint. “The video ended with the following statement directed at Victim 1: ‘I’ll get my hands on your children! I will fuckin’ decapitate them!’”

Roughly 10 days later, McDougal called Frattini’s private practice and told a staffer that he planned on showing up at the office to kill Frattini, after which he would kill himself, the complaint states.

The threats quickly escalated, with McDougal posting at least 25 videos targeting Frattini and his loved ones, according to the complaint.

“What I want to do to your children, what I want to do to them, I want to inflict a level of pain and a level of suffering that is unparalleled,” McDougal said in one posted to YouTube, the complaint states.

In another, McDougal allegedly thundered, “Jared, I want to decapitate you. But first I want you to watch, I want mental pain. I want to skin your wife’s head alive. I want to take your house, smash it. I want to cut your limbs off, Jared. I want to take your hands, cut your hands off. Then I want to take them, and I want to beat you over the head with them. Jared, I hate you.”

In a third, McDougal posted video from a car, with two female voices audible in the background, the complaint states.

“I wake up, Jared, and I think about how much I think about you, Jared, every waking second, from the moment I go to bed, I think about Jared,” McDougal said, according to the complaint. “I think about Jared. I think about hurting Jared. I think about hurting Jared and I know this is the only way this ends.”

One the female voices then chimes in, saying, “Let’s just all three fuckin’ drive there.”

“Yea, let’s just do it,” the second female voice replies.

“Let’s [go] all the way, fuckin’ four-day road trip,” McDougal says, according to the complaint.

In April 2021, Frattini obtained an order of protection against McDougal—which “has not stopped McDougal from making threats” to the doctor and his family, the complaint states.

It lays out details of numerous subsequent threats, such as a July 2023 text message to an unnamed recipient, in which McDougal allegedly wrote, “Should I just do a murder suicide? I obviously need to take out Jared, who came out of nowhere and is responsible for destroying my life with his lies and deception. Craving getting my hands on Jared is the only thing that kept me going. I hate him every waking second.”

More YouTube videos followed, such as an October 2023 posting titled, “WHY DO CREATURES LIKE JARED EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK ABOUT JARED AND NOTHING BUT JARED!!!!”

“Jared Conte Frattini, you motherfucker,” a wild-eyed McDougal shouts at the camera. “... I want to skin you alive… Had there been no complications I still would be threatening to hurt you I still would want to hurt you I would be just as suicidal and ready to take you out and just touch you, Jared. Touch you, touch you, in all kinds of disturbing ways.”

As 2024 got underway, McDougal kept it up, according to the feds, posting to the Reddit group u/UlcerativeColitis: “I would rather kill Jared and be in prison than go on with him being alive.” And on March 29, McDougal unleashed his most disturbing threats yet, the complaint says.

In a now-deleted article posted to Substack under the heading, “How My Large Intestine Was Stolen,” the complaint says McDougal wrote to Frattini directly, telling him, “So Jared, if you’re reading this, I know what you fucking did you son of a bitch. I will NEVER stop coming for you. Not a second has gone by in the four years you decided to approach me and catch me off guard. You fucking knew I would have told you to get away from me if you tried explaining elective reasons. Your ability to take no for an answer is going to cost you everything. I promise you this: your decision to cross me will be the worst mistake of your fucking life… I want to kill this man. I want to genocide his family. I want him tortured, skinned alive, mutilated… This all ends with me killing him, of course.”

All McDougal could think about, he wrote, “is the jiggling [Frattini’s body] will undergo as it is pulverized.”

“This repulsive, scumbag body needs to be obliterated,” the article continued. “... I occasionally don’t want his death to be quick. I want it to be slow. I want him to think about me every time he cums for the rest of his life.”

Although McDougal didn’t make any effort to conceal his identity, the FBI subpoenaed subscriber information from YouTube, Facebook, and Google, which named McDougal as the one behind the violent screeds. As for the Substack posting, an unnamed individual “who has known and communicated with McDougal for more than three years… brought the threats to the attention of the hospital where [Frattini] works.”

The complaint says McDougal “placed [Frattini] and his family in serious fear of harm… and caused them substantial emotional distress. McDougal’s course of conduct further caused [Frattini] and his family to make lifestyle changes and enhance security out of fear of McDougal.”

Frattini did not immediately respond to emails, texts, and voicemails seeking comment.

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