Larry David admits to hating Christmas

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Larry David hates Christmas.
The 74-year-old comedian admits to being a "creature of habit" and he hates it when the festive season disturbs his routine.
He explained: "As an adult, I’ve never slept well, either, filled with dread at the prospect of close social encounters with what seemed like hundreds of relatives the following day. I’m a creature of habit and can’t tolerate anything that throws me off my normal routine. That’s why I detest all holidays, but none as much as Christmas."
The 'Seinfeld' creator revealed there are various other things that he dislikes about Christmas and the festive traditions.
He told Air Mail: "There’s the loathsome music. The movies with their ridiculous, treacly sentiments. The presents - thinking about them, shopping for them (never without resentment), and the attendant pile of garbage that accumulates from opening them, an environmental disaster simultaneously taking place in living rooms across the country.
"There’s also the faux bonhomie and nonsensical holiday spirit that dissolves the next day as quickly as an Alka-Seltzer. And let’s not forget the barrage of merry Christmas and happy holidays that must be returned like unwanted I love yous."
Larry admits he's received fewer and fewer invites to Christmas events over recent years.
And the comedy star even likened himself to Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'.
He shared: "Over the years, my Scrooginess at these Christmas Day gatherings became so intolerable that in due course everyone realised how much better the day would be without my off-putting, nay, offensive presence. The invites began to wane until, eventually, they ceased altogether, and then it finally happened - I was to be alone on Christmas Day. Alone! Christmas Day!
"All those years of complaining and kvetching finally paid off. I was the envy of everyone I knew."

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