Laura Dern's awards anxiety

Laura Dern lets "anxiety take over" her big moments.

The 52-year-old actress is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for 'Marriage Story' at the upcoming Academy Awards - her third shortlist at the ceremony since her Best Actress nod in 1992 for 'Rambling Rose' and Best Supporting Actress nomination for 'Wild' in 2015 - and though she's looking forward to the evening, she admitted it isn't easy to relax.

Asked how she's preparing for the Oscars, she said: "I think it's so individual. It's like going to a swim meet when you're 10. What makes you comfortable and relaxed in this moment that people say is special.

"What I know is having first come as a nominee at 22 is that I let anxiety take over really being in the experience...So hopefully I'll able to do that more and more with experience and gratitude working with people I love so much."

As well as 'Marriage Story', another of Laura's movies from this year, 'Little Women', is in the running for Best Picture and the actress is thrilled the "perfect" films - which were made by Noah Baumbach and his partner Greta Gerwig respectively - have both been recognised.

She said: "They're both incredible. It's so amazing that they're both nominated for Best Picture. They've made perfect movies in my opinion.

"They both gave me such beautiful and equal collaborative experiences with unbelievably different characters.

"As Greta says, 'Oh you know with Noah you tear families apart, and in my movie you're the one who brings the families together.' That's just delicious and wonderful."

Laura enjoyed the different approaches each director took to making their films.

She explained: "Their differences I feel like come from the fact that she is an actor and he as a filmmaker has always been the one that bears witness to the performance.

"While she was sort of more inside it. Like she was almost playing it with me. That was both amazing, delicious ways to work with the director."