Laura Whitmore's decoration collection

Laura Whitmore collects Christmas decorations.

The 34-year-old presenter's festive tree doesn't have a uniform appearance because she likes to pick up new ornaments whenever she's away on holiday.

Asked the weirdest souvenir she's ever bought, she said: "I collect Christmas decorations, which does get a bit weird if it's like, May.

"We have so many decorations at home and none of them match."

As well as buying a new Christmas decoration, Laura will always stop off at the duty-free store in airports for a particular chocolate bar.

She explained: "I always pick up a Toblerone and I don't think I've ever bought one anywhere else other than the airport."

Laura previously admitted she thinks there is too much pressure on people to present an image of success on social media.

She said: "Years ago we didn't really know what everyone else was accomplishing. We read stuff in newspapers and gossiped about the neighbours.

"Now we are bombarded with the successes of someone else the minute we unlock our phones.

"We constantly compare our lives to someone we may never have met."

And on the reality of perfection, she added: "I'll let you in on the worst kept secret, there are over 40 filters on Instagram for a reason (that's without downloading all the other apps to re-filter that filtered picture). Most of us are average, we just choose to display that averageness in an exceptional way."