Lauren and Chris Lane: 'Having dogs prepared us for parenthood!'

Chris Lane thinks that his dogs are "truly siblings" to his children.
The 38-year-old singer has sons Dutton, two, and four-month-old Baker with wife Lauren Bushnell, 33, and explained how their dogs Chloe and Cooper have been teaching the children some "very important lessons."
He said: "It's definitely chaotic over here, but we wouldn't have it any other way. I feel like the two dogs are truly siblings for boys and they're teaching very important lessons. : At the end of the day, having dogs is a big responsibility. Having puppies helps you prioritize having patience throughout the different stages of life. It is a lot of work raising dogs and having kids, and patience is something that helps with both. "
Meanwhile, flight attendant Lauren - who tied the knot with Chris in 2019 - went on to note that she and 'I Don't Know About You' hitmaker are "so thankful" that their canine companions have adjusted to having children in the house and prepared them by having a baby doll in the house prior to their arrival.
In the joint interview, she told E! NEws: "We are so thankful because both of our dogs did really well. Before I left the hospital with Dutton, Chris was going back and forth from the hospital to home. He brought back a hat that Dutton had on in the hospital so the dogs could get used to the smell because we heard that can help. We also heard to have a baby doll around beforehand, so they could get used to the idea of having a baby around."
Chris added: We made a rule that the dogs are not allowed to get on the couch or bed, but sometimes Cooper thinks he runs the house. We will come home and realize they've probably been hanging out on the couch!"