Lauren Graham splits from Peter Krause after 10 years together

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Lauren Graham and her long-term partner Peter Krause have split after more than 10 years together.
A representative for the ‘Gilmore Girls’ actress, 55, confirmed to PEOPLE she and the 56-year-old actor “quietly ended their relationship last year”.
It is unclear what led to the breakup or why they decided to keep it private until now.
Graham and Krause’s relationship turned romantic after they co-starred as siblings on the NBC dramedy, ‘Parenthood’, which had a six-season run from 2010 to 2015.
Graham previously struggled to answer when asked what the future held for the couple when quizzed about their relationship by Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on the comic’s chat show.
She said: “I never know how to answer this question. I don’t know. We’re really happy. I feel like close to five years in Hollywood is like, ‘Aren’t we married already really?’”
Graham also joked about her and Krause’s quarantine set-up after they spent five months apart while she filmed ‘The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers’.
She added: “Normally it’s a two-hour flight, I'd come home on the weekends, but I couldn't do that (due to the pandemic), so we were separated for almost five months, which had never happened before.
“So when I came home the house was a little different. There were more piles, I would say.”
Krause and his then-19-year-old son, Roman, had been living together while Graham was gone, and she said they had established new rules by the time of her return.
She admitted: “He and his son had really bonded, which is fantastic, but I think the re-entry was more difficult.
“It was more like they were the married couple and I was the person who... they were like, ‘We don’t do it that way anymore’.
“They were like, ‘No, no, no, this is how things happen.’”

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