Lauren Hutton has no fear after near-fatal motorcycle crash

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Lauren Hutton is no longer afraid of anything after cheating death in a motorcycle accident.
The 78-year-old model/actress almost lost her life back in 2000 during a trip across Nevada with a group which included actors Dennis Hopper and Jeremy Irons when the bike she was travelling on crashed around 25 miles outside of Las Vegas leaving her in a serious condition in hospital with injures including a punctured lung, two broken arms and multiple leg fractures.
Lauren made a full recovery and now says she tries to live life to the full, telling You magazine: "(I learned to) listen to no one but yourself ... I try not to be afraid of anybody or anything. Because it takes your energy."
Lauren spent two weeks in a coma after the crash and she added that waking up in hospital was terrifying as when her friends and family came to visit she thought she was about to die.
Lauren added: "I think they thought they were saying goodbye."
After the crash, Lauren revealed she was wearing a helmet without a visor and was convinced to swap by Jeremy Irons - and she believed the kind gesture saved her life.
Speaking on 'Good Morning America', Lauren explained: "We pulled to the side of the road after about two and a half hours of riding, and that's when, thank God, Jeremy [Irons] saw me, and he saw that I had tears coming out of my eyes from the wind hitting me, because my helmet didn't have a visor.
"(He insisted I change it) And I said, 'Oh, no, I'm fine,' and he said 'Come on.' And he pulled out a huge full-visor helmet, which saved my life three minutes later."
She is a longtime motorcycle enthusiast and was taught to ride by late actor Steve McQueen. Lauren refused to let the accident dampen her love affair with bikes and she was back in the saddle a year after the crash to take part in a ride from California to Las Vegas but spent the journey on the back of 'Easy Rider' star Dennis Hopper's vehicle.