Laverne Cox poses in 'skimpy lingerie' ahead of her 50th birthday: 'This body has been through so much, both inside and outside'

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Laverne Cox is reflecting on 49 years and looking sexy while doing it.

The Orange Is the New Black star shared a black and white video on Instagram Tuesday, wearing a matching lingerie set.

Laverne Cox reflected on 49 years of life in latest Instagram video (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
Laverne Cox reflected on 49 years of life in latest Instagram video. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

The actress had the Savage remix featuring Beyoncé playing in the background as she tussled her blond curls.

Cox examined her complicated relationship with her body over the years, including feelings of accomplishments, inadequacy and ​​internalized age-ism in the caption.

"In a little over a month on May 29th I turn 50 years old. It's hard to believe I'm still alive, that I'm almost 5 decades old. This body has been through so much, both inside and outside: traumas, transition, classical ballet, successes, failures, abuse, injuries, healing, weight gain, weight loss, illness, pleasure, ecstasy. This body has been through a lot of negative self talk about it from me. I've been cruel, abusive, punitive in the ways in which I have talked to and treated to this body," she wrote. "Knowing the ways in which cisnormative, white supremacist, misogynist, fat phobic, capitalist beauty standards make us devalue ourselves has not exempted me from internalizing those standards."

The Inventing Anna star will be 50 in May and addressed the myriad of challenges that women face as they get older, including her own inclination to "cringe" at herself as she dances in lingerie.

The candid post resonated with many users, and some even shared their advice for embracing aging.

"You just bring your stunning, beautiful self into your 50s and find out just how fucking fabulous it is! I turn 59 in two weeks and I wouldn't trade my 50s for my 40s for less than $2million. I mean, I'm not insane. Still. They're the best. Love you!" said Mx Justin Vivian Bond.

Others shared what an inspiration Cox has been for them.

"You better keep on doing it! You help light the way for the rest of us on the reg, keep it up you amazing woman you," read one comment.

"This post made my heart swell!❤️ Right on, @lavernecox Show it love! Celebrate the body you have, to get the body you want! 50 is the new… whatever you want it to be! So proud to witness your greatness! Shine On!" read another.

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