Lavrov refers to Putin as Xi’s ‘donkey’ in China visit, exposing Russia’s dependency – Video

None of his subordinates has ever humiliated Putin like this
None of his subordinates has ever humiliated Putin like this

In an unexpected moment, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov referred to his leader, Vladimir Putin, as Chinese President Xi Jinping's "donkey" and admitted that nothing now depends on Moscow.

He made the eyebrow-raising comment in response to a question from a Russian propagandist about an informal meeting planned after the official talks during Putin’s visit to Beijing.

“You know, as they say in the East, the guest is the master's donkey. Therefore, of course, all programs depend on the kind offers that the Chinese president and his team have made to our president,” Lavrov explained, offering a glimpse into the true nature of the relationship between the two countries. It appears China holds the dominant position, while Moscow finds itself increasingly dependent, almost like a loyal companion following its master.

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