In-laws offer bride $10k to call off wedding

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One bride’s future in-laws bribed her to end the relationship. Photo: Getty Images

A would-be-bride broke up with her fiance after his parents bribed her with $10,000 cash to do so.

The newly-single woman took to Reddit to share her story, and ask advice as to whether she’d done the right thing.

More complex than a first glance, the woman explains that their relationship was deteriorating rapidly when she received the surprise proposition.

She says the couple dated for five years before he popped the question, but once the ring was on her finger his behaviour changed.

“In the year that we were engaged he became extremely controlling. He wanted to know where I was almost every moment of the day,” she said.

“Along with this I found out he is an alcoholic who can become very belligerent when drunk. These red flags were enough for me and I’ve been thinking of stepping back for a while now.”

The woman explained that when her husband to be told her he thought he was ‘settling’ and could do better she reached tipping point.

What finally nudged her over the edge however, was not a final unforgivable moment, but a surprise meeting with her future in-laws and a big wad of cash.

“His mom called me out of nowhere and wanted to meet up behind my ex’s back to “talk”,” she wrote, saying his parents revealed they knew there was trouble brewing between the pair.

“They told me they didn’t like me, they knew I hated them, and that we would probably never be amicable.

“They then offered me 10 thousand dollars to break up with my ex. To help me ‘get over him’.

“I took the money.”

The bride took the money and called the marriage off. Photo: Getty Images

The woman agreed to keep the transaction a secret, but her actions have divided internet users, who flocked to share their opinions.

Some thought the decision was unconscionable.

“You know, that’s outrageous. It’s unfair,” wrote one commentator.

“Taking money to break up with someone is s***** behaviour even if you were going to do it anyway,” said another.

Other’s pointed out the parents were the real villains of the story.

“His parents are the ones creating problems,” one user pointed out.

“I think the parents are the a** here, for throwing money at her like an object,” said another one.

“Mmmm that sounds more like his problem than hers,” concurred a third.

While opinion remained firmly divided there were many who came unequivocally to the woman’s defence.

“(The woman) got out of a toxic relationship and received some compensation for the appalling (sic) treatment she got,” said one.

“Not taking the money might have been the high road, but if my boyfriend was as awful as her ex was, I’d take it,” admitted another.

“Congratulations for getting away from a bad relationship regardless of financial incentive,” said one user.

If one thing’s for sure it’s a real ethical dilemma, but money or no money that bride looked like she dodged a bullet to say the least.

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