At least $10 billion needed to rebuild Kharkiv, mayor says

Reconstruction of Kharkiv
Reconstruction of Kharkiv

Preliminary estimates suggest that it would take over $10 billion to fully repair the damage Kharkiv has sustained from Russian air strikes, city Mayor Ihor Terekhov said in an interview with on April 1.

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“Each strike means shattered windows, destroyed roofs, and damaged apartments,” said Terekhov.

“But the most tragic [consequences] are the fatalities and the injured. Russia lies when it claims that it only hits military targets. With each attack, evidence mounts that this is outright genocide.”

The mayor added that Kharkiv’s Saltivka District has suffered the most devastation.

"There is hardly a multi-story building there that hasn't been damaged," he said.

Terekhov mentioned that currently, the city’s priority is supporting the Ukrainian military and children who have lost parents in the war.

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"Reconstruction is the third priority; no city budget in the world can withstand such a burden, which is why we are engaging international partners," the mayor explains.

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According to Terekhov, construction of an underground school, capable of accommodating 450 students, is nearly complete in Kharkiv.

“All this is possible thanks to collaboration with construction companies and international funds,” he said.

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“We plan to build such schools in all nine districts of the city. It's crucial that our children can study in safe conditions.”

Previously, Terekhov reported that almost all of Kharkiv's critical energy infrastructure has been destroyed. The city is now dealing with a severe electricity deficit, which also limits central heating and water supply.

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