Lebanese 'grape bank' preserves 72 varieties

STORY: This Lebanese farmer has created a 'grape bank'

where he preserves 72 different varieties of grapes

Location: Kfar Mechki, Lebanon

[Kamal el-Saikali, Grape farmer]

""I have 72 varieties. We are now working with various private universities to test the DNA (of the grapes) to document them and know their roots. They are 72 varieties in 210 trees, every three trees are from one variety, so if God forbid a worker is farming and something happens, we won't lose a variety. With three trees, there is more possibility of continuation. Those varieties are old varieties that our grand-fathers used to eat and make their molasses, raisins and wine from. I gathered those varieties in this bank and called it the grape bank."

Saikali is the fourth generation in his family to grow the fruit

He says he does not sell any of the grapes from the 'grape bank'

Instead he saves them for visitors to his vineyard and personal use