Hezbollah launches more than 200 rockets into Israel after senior commander's killing

Lebanon's Hezbollah said on Thursday it launched more than 200 rockets at Israeli military positions in response to the killing of a senior commander the day before. Israel retaliated with strikes on southern Lebanon as cross-border exchanges continue to fuel fears of a broader regional conflict.

Lebanon's Hezbollah said it launched more than 200 rockets and explosive drones at Israeli military positions on Thursday as tensions have soared amid the almost nine-months-old war raging in Gaza.

The Iran-backed militant group said its latest attack, which followed the launch of over 100 rockets the previous day, came in response to Israel's killing of a senior Hezbollah commander in south Lebanon.

Israel did not report any deaths in its northern border area, where most communities have been evacuated, but quickly said it had responded with strikes on targets in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli military said Thursday its forces were "striking launch posts in southern Lebanon" after "numerous projectiles and suspicious aerial targets crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory".


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