Lena Dunham reflects on 'low' point with mental health: 'I didn’t trust myself and my inner voice'

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Lena Dunham reflects on ‘low’ point with mental health. (Photo: Getty Images)
Lena Dunham reflects on ‘low’ point with mental health. (Photo: Getty Images)

Lena Dunham is sharing her secrets to mental wellness in a new Instagram post outlining a checklist that she made "when I was at a real low with love, sex and friendship."

The 35-year-old actress and writer took to her social media to share a mirror photo of herself wearing underwear and a pink top with feathers. In the caption, she reflected on a time where she was experiencing an overwhelming amount of self doubt and explained how she worked through it.

"I didn't trust myself and my inner voice sounded more like some drunk girl I wanted to ignore at a party... I wrote these questions down and asked them to myself often and... gradually, but sort of miraculously, things changed," she wrote.

The questions that she outlined all touched on the relationships that she had at time and encouraged her to think about the reasons behind each of her interactions.

"[Are you] Reaching out because you genuinely want to share something funny or beautiful? Or because you want to get some kind of assurance, validation or response that eases the uncertainty of being vulnerable?" she questioned. "[Are you] Seeing the person who is actually in front of you or the person you conjure when you’re going to sleep at night and need a pleasant diversion?"

Some of the questions even further investigated Dunham's treatment of herself, checking in on her boundaries and how she might be enforcing them. Ultimately, she revealed that her ability to answer the questions listed allowed her to better understand her present mindset and how she might be able to approach not only herself but the people around her in healthier ways.


Followers quickly flooded the comments section to tell Dunham how helpful the list is.

"I think this post just solved the meaning of life. What a god send and so invaluable," one person wrote, "thank YOU."

Another commented, "Saving this because you can apply it to everything. You are brilliant!"

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