Lennie James calls for a 'conversation' about casting

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Lennie James thinks there needs to be a bigger "conversation" about the casting of roles.
The 56-year-old actor - who played the part of Morgan Jones in 'The Walking Dead' - has called for a debate about how roles are cast in the TV and film business.
He explained: "Where gay actors have not been given the opportunity to play gay parts, or disabled actors have not even been considered for the opportunity to play disabled parts, in that situation then I would 100 percent be part of the conversation of saying, why not? That absolutely should change."
Lennie would "challenge" the theory that some roles need to be reserved for particular actors in order for their performances to be authentic.
The actor also noted that the casting of any role had to be "on a case by case basis".
Speaking to the BBC, he added: "I don't believe in blanket statements ... because then the role of the actor slightly changes and is slightly different to the one I hope and pray that it is".
Meanwhile, Lennie previously claimed that he was "bored" of talking about diversity in the entertainment industry.
The actor explained that the "white actors, producers, controllers of TV and studios" are the "gatekeepers" who can help to create meaningful change within the industry.
He shared: "When we get to the point where this conversation’s no longer necessary, we’re where we should be. I don’t mind walking onto a set where everybody working behind the camera is white. I mind if that’s the case every single time.
"I’m really bored of talking about it. Ask white actors, producers, controllers of TV and studios about diversity, because they’re the gatekeepers who are going to make the difference."

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