Lesley Manville: I've earned my success

Lesley Manville feels she's earned the right to pick and choose her roles.

The 63-year-old actress - who has enjoyed success on the stage and on the big screen - has worked diligently over many years, and Lesley is now determined to make the most of her opportunities, saying it's "all coming at the right time".

She told the Sunday Times newspaper: "I feel this is what I've been working towards all the time.

"I don't feel I haven't earned it. I don't think I don't deserve it. I don't think I've ever been tardy in my work. Where I am now feels really good for Lesley Manville. It's all coming at the right time."

The veteran star has played a broad array of roles during her career - but she's always been able to leave her emotions at the stage door.

Lesley shared: "I don't have a problem with that.

"It's not healthy. I'm sure it's because of my time working with Mike Leigh. The discipline with him is that you're in character, but you're monitoring it as well. You have to debrief and decode it all. So, no - I'm off stage and, honestly, it's gone. I wouldn't want to take that home."

Lesley previously hailed Hollywood's changing attitude towards older actors and actresses.

The acclaimed star said she was pleased to see more men and women of a mature age being given roles in big-budget movies - although she noted it had taken "an awful long time".

She said: "It's kind of annoying that it's something we have to talk about because it should just be a given ... but there has been a shift because it's getting better. It's taken an awful long time."