Lewis Capaldi: I was a mistake

Lewis Capaldi claims he was a "mistake".

The 23-year-old singer topped the charts with his hit single 'Someone You Loved', but he has now said he was never supposed to be born at all, as his dad was meant to have undergone a vasectomy prior to his conception.

In a new YouTube short documentary titled 'Birthday Song' - which is about Lewis' upbringing - he said: "You should've seen my dad, he was really sad.

"My mum was even more sad.

"He was supposed to have had a vasectomy. I was a mistake."

Whilst his older brother Warren added: "Lewis was just an immaculate conception. I remember my dad had a vasectomy and then nine months later we got a surprise with Lewis popping out."

And whilst he may not have been planned, it didn't take long for the Scottish singer to realise his star potential.

Lewis says his love affair with music began during a drive to a holiday park in France with his parents, his brothers Warren and Aidan, and sister Danielle.

During the drive, he became obsessed with a Queen CD his folks had played in the car, and ended up performing 'We Are The Champions' during the holiday park talent show.

Aidan explained: "That's probably what started him off. Wanting all the attention. That's when we knew he was gonna make it, he's a born attention seeker."

And Lewis' affinity for being the centre of attention carried on into school too, where he was the "class clown".

Speaking of Lewis' school days, Aidan added: "A funny guy, a joker, a class clown, definitely. He's just the exact same. He hasn't changed a bit really."

Whilst the 'Before You Go' singer said: "I remember [school] being fun. I don't remember doing any work. I remember one time a guy made up a filthy language and it was like, baseball bat meant penis, spaghetti meant pubes. And the f***ing b*****d dobbed me in it and said I did it with him.

"I f***ing never and I'm standing there like, 'Who the f**k is this?' I cried so hard. And I was like, 'I didn't mean it, I never wrote monster truck', which meant my left b*****k or something."