Lewis Capaldi sent a congratulatory text to Paige Turley

Lewis Capaldi sent a congratulatory text to his ex-girlfriend Paige Turley after she won 'Love Island'.

The 23-year-old singer - who recently won the Best New Artist and Song of the Year accolades at the BRIT Awards - and Paige dated each other for around one year, and despite their split, they remain on friendly terms.

Paige, 22 - who won the popular dating show - told the BBC: "I actually text him to say congratulations on his BRITs. Yeah, he text me back to congratulate me on 'Love Island' so it's good but I haven't really had a chance to catch up with anybody."

Asked about their relationship these days, Paige added: "We're still good friends."

Prior to starring on 'Love Island', Paige was widely known simply as Lewis' ex-girlfriend.

But the blonde beauty knew Lewis long before he became a chart-topping singer, and despite his recent success, she still doesn't look at him as a superstar.

She said: "I think because I knew Lewis before, I don't know him as the superstar. He's always just been Lewis to me. It's normal."

Meanwhile, Lewis previously revealed his hit single 'Someone You Loved' was inspired by his late grandmother - and not by Paige.

The record was a huge commercial success, topping the charts in the UK, and receiving a Song of the Year nomination at the Grammy Awards.

Speaking at the BRIT Awards, Lewis - who has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the last 12 months - explained: "Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people think this song is about my ex-girlfriend, who you can now see every night on 'Love Island'.

"It's actually about my grandmother who has sadly passed away a few years ago. I hope to god that ITV don't contact her to be on a reality TV dating show."