Liam Gallagher: My kids have calmed me down

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Liam Gallagher credits his kids for calming him down.
The 49-year-old singer was known for his controversial behaviour earlier in his career, but Liam admits that his children have had a calming influence on him.
The former Oasis star - who has Molly, 24, Lennon, 22, Gene, 20, and Gemma, nine - shared: "When you’re young you’ve got a bag of chips on your shoulder. As you get older you cool it down a bit. My kids are great.
"Gene pops around a lot and Lennon is doing his band stuff. Molly was living with us for a bit and now she’s moved in with her fella."
Liam is returning to Knebworth this weekend, having previously played at the iconic venue with Oasis in 1996.
And the 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker can't wait to perform in front of his mum, Peggy.
He told The Sun newspaper: "She’s coming on the first night. Mum is buzzing, she’s proud and can’t wait to see everyone. I might get her on stage to say hello.
"So we’re gonna have a quiet one after that show, as I’ve got to look after the voice. Then, after the second one, we can go f****** mad.
"My mum’s 80 next year and still gives me s***. She said, ‘You need to look after yourself, Liam, you’re nearly 50’."
Liam turns 50 in September and he's planning to marry his fiancee Debbie in 2023.
He shared: "We are just going to get these gigs done, get my 50th done and revisit it maybe next year.
"I’ve got my birthday, then we’re playing in Australia. Then next year, I want to do another record. I’ll have six months off and start that. I know I need to get out of people’s faces sometimes but after six months off I’ll be bored. So I will start the record towards the end of next year.
"I wasted a lot of time with Oasis splitting up, so I just want to put my voice on as many records as I can before I die."

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