Liam Gallagher plans to spend his 50th birthday 'without phones' in the Caribbean

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Liam Gallagher is spending his 50th birthday in the Caribbean.
The ex-Oasis rocker will be reaching the golden milestone on Wednesday 21st September and in order to mark the occasion he’ll be visiting an actual Oasis with friends because there will be no-one with phones out there.
Speaking on the 'Johnny Vaughan On Radio X' podcast, he said: "I’m out of the country, man. I’m going to the Caribbean, about 20 of us. Mustique. I’m gonna go there because there's no d**** with phones. There’s none of that. So what happens on Mustique stays on Mustique. We're gonna have that for a week.
"Mind you, I say that and I’ll go in on the first night and be in bed crying for the next couple of days. But there you go, I'll give it a good go."
The 'Wonderwall' hitmaker is the estranged younger brother of former bandmate Noel, 55 and previously admitted that the pair have not seen each other for almost a decade.
Back in May, he said: "The last time I saw Noel was at a football match about 10 years ago. It’s a shame, isn’t it? But good times outweigh the bad times. I think it’s best to just leave it at that."
However, Liam remained hopeful that Oasis would reunite at some point in the future but told fans not to expect a miracle anytime soon.
He added: "I like to think Oasis will get back together, but not this week.
"The door is ajar on everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if space aliens landed tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were already here."