Liam Neeson Returns as a Criminal Seeking Justice in First Trailer for Thriller Honest Thief

Alexia Fernandez
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Liam Neeson is back with an all-new action thriller that sees the tables turned.

In the first trailer for Honest Thief, Neeson portrays Tom Carter, a former Marines demolitions expert-turned master thief who has stolen $9 million from banks only to turn his back on it all.

After Carter falls in love with a woman named Annie (Kate Walsh), Carter makes the decision to confess to his crimes only to be double-crossed by a pair of FBI agents who steal the money for themselves and set him up for the murder of one of their own.

“I needed to come clean,” Carter tells Annie. “I’m not a bank robber any more.”

When Carter comes into contact with one of the agents, Evans, who set him up, he gives him an ultimatum.

“I want to clear name,” he tells the agent. “Which means I need a full confession from you.”

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As Carter begins a countdown, Evans realizes the danger he’s in and escapes the house he was in as a bomb goes off.

“Ready to confess?” Carter asks him.

Neeson recently joined forces with his son Michéal Richardson, 25, in Made in Italy, a dramatic comedy about an estranged father-son duo who have to work together to sell their rundown Tuscan villa.

The actor had Michéal with his late wife, actress Natasha Richardson, as well as 23-year-old son Daniel Neeson.

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Honest Thief opens October 9.