Liam Payne wants to learn to play golf to 'be better' than Niall Horan

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Liam Payne is learning to play golf to take on Niall Horan.
The ‘Sunshine’ singer has said he plans to beat his One Direction bandmate at his own game, as he’s planning on going through intense golf training in 2022 so that he can “be better” than his golf-mad friend.
He told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “He’s good but I’m going to try to be better. This is my year of playing golf.”
Niall is a known fan of the sport, and even owns the Modest Golf management company.
The ‘Slow Hands’ hitmaker previously said he wanted to transform the golf scene to stop its reputation as a rich man’s sport by trying to get “more teenage girls involved” in learning to play.
And the 28-year-old singer is such an avid golf fan he even had a room in his house decked out as a mini golfing green back in 2018, complete with a hole and an outer rim of fake grass.
He wrote on social media at the time: “thank you @prolawnturf and @celebrity greens for sorting me out with this room . (sic)”
The ‘This Town’ singer previously revealed that he plays with a handicap of nine, and would never consider swapping his music career for a life as a professional golfer, as he doesn’t think he has the natural skill required.
He said: "I'm a sports fan in general and I watch a lot of sport and when I was 12 or 13 I joined my local golf club and fell in love with golf then. I play off 9, it basically means I'm not as good as the pros, if I wanted to be a pro I'd have to be plus 5 or 6 so I'm quite far away from that. If I had natural talent for golf then I would go pro. I'm a plodder and a hacker, like all the other amateurs. I'm even worse at mini golf!”

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