Liberty Ross 'doesn't mind' getting older

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Liberty Ross "doesn't mind" ageing.
The 43-year-old model - who has Skyla, 17 and Tennyson, 15 with ex-husband Rupert Sanders and is now married to music mogul Jimmy
Iovine, 68 - loves to see "natural beauty" because it is "refreshing."
She said: "Everyone should do what works for them, but I have to tell you I don't mind ageing. I feel better every day. "I feel that as long
as you're continuing to evolve as a person and work on your internal body, that's the best. I love seeing natural beauty. It's refreshing."
The 'Snow White and the Huntsman' star then went on to encourage fans to embrace their natural looks because she thinks going under the
knife can become addictive and leave a person looking "overdone."
She told The Sunday Times Style magazine: "When I see a girl with a bump in her nose or something, I'm like, 'Good for you, girl.' Once
you start [having work done] it's very hard to stop. That's why you start to see people who are really overdone."
Liberty admitted the modelling industry has changed a lot since she started her career thanks to the rise of social media, but she also
felt "grounded and safe".
She explained: "It's so different now than when I was modelling. We didn't have social media, so it was a very different game, thank the
Lord. But I always had such a solid family behind me, and I think that really helped me to feel grounded and safe. If there was anything that
felt uncomfortable, I would always speak up. But they were good times, for sure."

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