Lily Collins feels 'connected' to her Emily in Paris character

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Lily Collins feels a strong connection to her 'Emily in Paris' character.
The 32-year-old actress has reprised the role of Emily Cooper for the second season of the Netflix show, and Lily admits that her on-screen character has had an impact on her real-life self.
She explained: "The overall tone of 'Emily in Paris' was something that I’d been wanting to find for a long time, but it’s hard when it comes to romantic comedies. There are so many different shades, and it’s about finding the one that works the most for you."
Lily plays the part of an American who moves from Chicago to Paris for work.
And she admits that Emily has changed her life.
She told Vogue: "It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I felt a real sense of partnership with this character right away.
"I felt like there were things in myself I wanted to add and ways in which she was going to change me."
Meanwhile, Lily recently claimed that 'Emily in Paris' provided an "escapism" amid the coronavirus crisis.
The actress thinks season one of the show provided some much-needed relief during the pandemic.
Lily said: "Season one allowed us an escapism when it came out that it felt it was something that needed to continue - not addressing it because it brings a sense of escapism and joy and laughter in a time that we need it the most."
Lily also explained that shooting the show amid the pandemic was a huge challenge - especially as COVID doesn't exist in Emily's world.
She said: "Shooting a show in a city that is highly populated where people are wearing masks, yet we’re shooting in a world that doesn’t exist with COVID - so it’s making sure that when we’re rolling the masks are off and when we stop rolling they come back on.
"There were a couple of times when they started shooting and I was like, 'Wait, half the people in the scene are still wearing masks.'"

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