Lily Collins is 'obsessed' with her bangs

Lily Collins thinks there's "a little Frenchness" to her current hairstyle.
The 33-year-old actress has become obsessed with her bangs over recent months and she plans to "keep them for a while".
Asked if there's a trend that she's currently "obsessed" with, Lily told Glamour magazine: "Bangs. Honestly, they make a ponytail or a bun extra chic. Even if it’s messy, it’s just like, Oh, there’s something that’s different. And it shapes your face differently. There’s a sass to them.
"They also do really well in humidity. I know that seems weird, but they honestly do. My hair used to be not great in humidity, but now with bangs at least there’s something on my forehead to look like something.
"There’s a little Frenchness to it that I like, so I think I will keep them for a while. And you can wear them so many different ways. They can grow out and be curly. They can be shorter. I love them."
Meanwhile, Lily previously revealed that she wants to develop her understanding of "French culture".
The actress plays Emily Cooper in the Netflix series 'Emily in Paris', and she's eager to learn more about the French lifestyle.
Asked what she most enjoyed about her character's journey during season three of the show, Lily explained: "For me, I was excited to ground myself more in the French culture, whether that be the language, the fashion, or just feeling a deeper sense of home within the city. And I was excited that the show, itself, leans more into the comedy among the characters, as opposed to all being about Emily’s fish-out-of-water experience.
"It allowed me, as Emily, to feel a little bit more grounded, as a character, knowing that the comedy wasn’t just about me and my experiences and the culture clash. It was more about the comedy that each of the actors brings to the characters."