Lily James can really sing, says Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy has been "amazed" by Lily James' singing skills.
The 33-year-old actress is being lined up to launch a solo music career and the producer has admitted to being impressed by her talents.
He told the Daily Mail newspaper's Richard Eden: "Lily James can really sing. I was amazed by how at ease she was in the studio performing.
"People will be quite receptive to her as a singer, and she's not averse to it. I would let her pick what sound she wants to go for."
The 42-year-old producer - who has previously worked with the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce - also revealed that he's keen to work with the brunette beauty.
He said: "Just between us, I think there'll be a Lily James and Naughty Boy project in the making."
Last year, an insider revealed that Lily was switching her focus towards music.
The source said at the time: "She loves singing and has a great voice. She cannot wait for people to hear what they come up with."
Meanwhile, Lily previously played Pamela Anderson in the Hulu show ‘Pam and Tommy’.
The actress underwent a dramatic transformation in order to play Pamela in the TV series and she relished the experience.
Lily - who also starred in the historical drama series 'Downton Abbey' between 2012 and 2015 - said: "That’s what’s so cool about being an actor, is you get to do these polar opposites. Like I had brown frizzy hair and no make-up [in ‘Yesterday’], and then all of a sudden I’m transformed after four hours of this incredible hair and make-up team.
"It was great, I’m so lucky. It’s like playing make-believe the whole time."