Lindsay Arnold admits conceiving was 'really tough'

Lindsay Arnold underestimated how difficult conceiving could be.
The 28-year-old professional dancer - who is best known for appearing on 'Dancing with the Stars' - recently confirmed that she's expecting another baby with her husband Sam Cusick, but Lindsay has now confessed that she was "naive" about the situation.
She told Us Weekly: "Trying to conceive can be, like, the most difficult, frustrating, hard, [all] consuming thing. It’s just something that really just takes over your life. And anybody who’s tried to conceive for a long period of time, you understand, like, it’s really, really tough."
Despite this, Lindsay eventually learned to just "trust the process".
She explained: "Towards the end I really had to just, kind of, let go and understand, like, trust the process. Trust timing. Trust God’s timing. Trust my body that it’s gonna do what it’s supposed to do at the right time.
"I feel like that mentality really, really helped me get through those last couple months where we were just like, ‘Oh, my goodness.’ But then I’m so grateful that everything worked out the way that it was supposed to."
Lindsay and Sam already have Sage, 23 months, together, and she admits that their struggles have brought them closer than ever before.
She shared: "We’re so grateful. In a way, it was very strengthening for us and our family and for me kind of just learning how to trust. I think that’s a really big thing that I’ve had to learn."
Meanwhile, the dancer recently revealed that she's determined to keep the sex of her baby under wraps for now.
Lindsay explained: "I was one million percent convinced that I was having a boy for my first pregnancy and I was obviously wrong. Now I just feel like I can't even trust my intuition. I'll find out soon."