Lindsey Vonn's haters boo her bronze medal on social media

Tanya Ray Fox | Yahoo Sports

Lindsey Vonn is indisputably one of the greatest American skiers of all time, and at 33 years old, she found herself back on the Olympic podium for the third time in her storied career.

Vonn won the bronze medal in the ladies downhill final, and although it’s an objectively impressive achievement, an increasingly familiar anti-Vonn narrative emerged yet again in comment sections and on Twitter timelines everywhere.

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She continues to draw the ire of a subsection of the internet that is offended by her anti-Donald Trump statements earlier in the Games.

Vonn celebrates. Image: Getty

Before the race was even over, self-proclaimed Americans were taking to Twitter to congratulate gold medalist Sofia Goggia from Italy and Norway’s silver medalist, Ragnhild Mowinckel, for beating Vonn – and to invoke karma as the reason she failed to win the gold.