Aussie star's heartbreaking tribute to daughter: 'I will never let her go'

Lisa Curry has opened up about her grief on the third anniversary of her daughter's death.

Lisa Curry and late daughter, Jaimi Kenny
Lisa Curry and late daughter, Jaimi Kenny. Photo:

Aussie swimming champion Lisa Curry has paid a heartfelt tribute to her late daughter Jaimi Kenny on the third anniversary of her death.

Jaimi, 33, passed away in 2020 and is the daughter of Lisa and former partner, ironman Grant Kenny. The two also share two other children, Morgan and Jett.

Lisa has opened up previously about Jaimi's tragic death, speaking candidly on the podcast No Filter with Mia Freedman in 2022 saying that her daughter had struggled with mental illness, alcoholism, and eating disorders.

Lisa said on the podcast that it's every parent's "worst nightmare" to lose a child. "Grant and I still say to each other, 'What did we miss, was there something else we could've done earlier?'" Lisa said.

'The path to recovery is long and can only be done in my own time'

Lisa's touching tribute to Jaimi yesterday coincided with this year's R U OK Day, something she acknowledged in her heartfelt tribute to her daughter.

Lisa Curry remembers daughter Jaimi Kenny
Aussie swimming star Lisa Curry has paid a heartfelt tribute to her daughter Jaimi Kenny on the third anniversary of her death. Photo:

"We all love you and miss you everyday Jaimi and hope you’re at peace. It still feels like yesterday," Lisa wrote.

"It’s been a shit and sad week, where I’ve needed lots of hugs and constantly wiping my tears away. I tell myself to breathe because I know it’s a bad day, not a bad life.

I’m doing ok… but feeling sad on the inside while trying to be happy on the outside is overwhelming and feels exhausting. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see a mess, sometimes I see the old Lisa. The path to recovery is long and can only be done in my own time," she continued.

"Moving on doesn’t mean letting go. I will never let her go. The need to look after myself is where I need to start. If I don’t have the energy, enthusiasm, passion, purpose, health and fitness, I just can’t be the mother, grannie, wife and friend that I should be," she said.


Lisa ended her post sending love and strength to anyone who's "struggling for whatever reason" with her beautiful words sending an outpouring of her love her way.

"Thank you for sharing your journey. Others don’t have a voice like you. I hope you realise how much you help and encourage others on your good days and I hope our Insta Village can help & support you on your not-so-good days," one person wrote.

"just can’t imagine what you’re going through but I want to thank you for being so honest and open about the way you are and have been feeling throughout this heart-shattering time," another said.

"Hope you feel the collective hug of all of Australia around you," another wrote.

'Remember to talk to someone'

Lisa urged people in her post to remember to talk to someone if they were going through a painful time.

"Today, September 14, 2023, it’s also R U OK DAY. Are you ok? Yes, maybe, sometimes, no? Am I ok? Yes, maybe, sometimes, no….Depends on the day. Remember to talk to someone," she said.

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