Lisa Wilkinson reveals rival 'ruthlessly tried to take her down'

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You can’t hold one of the most coveted spots on TV for as long as Lisa Wilkinson has without running into people who want to take it from you.

She’s been at the helm of the Today show for ten years, and recently opened up about a time she had to face a rival.

Lisa Wilkinson's career hasn't been without its challenges. Source: Getty

Speaking at the Byron Bay Writer's Festival last week, Wilkinson said the woman “embarked on a ruthless campaign to take her down”, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

While she wouldn’t name the person, Wilkinson did say that her meddling started five years ago and she doesn’t work in the television industry.

She later elaborated in a statement to the publication, “Like many women who’ve spent time in professional workplaces, I’ve come up against the occasional roadblock”.

She wouldn't name the woman but says she doesnt work in TV. Source: Getty

“But each time I’ve shone a light on what was going on, called out the perpetrators, and the problem immediately went away.”

Wilkinson added that she encourages the people who she mentors to always be brave because it pays off.

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