This genius Shark Tank gadget makes gift-wrapping fast and easy — get two for only $15!

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One for you, one for a friend. Let the wrapping marathon begin! (Photo: Amazon)
One for you, one for a friend. Let the wrapping marathon begin! (Photo: Amazon)

You know that overwhelming feeling you get when you're faced with a mountain of presents in need of wrapping? Creaky old scissors in hand, you wonder how on earth you're ever going to get it all every ounce of holiday joy drains from your body.

Well, we've got good news. There's a brilliant tool that takes the task of wrapping from daunting to delightful, and it's available on Amazon at a great price: two for $15. The gadget is the Little ELF, so named for its ability to work quickly and efficiently and lighten the load on its overlord (you). A pair at home means someone can (joyously) help you wrap. Or split the pair and gift one to a pal.

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2 for $15 at Amazon

The Little ELF is a cutting tool designed expressly for gift wrap. It fits around a roll of wrapping paper and slides to give a clean cut every time. Precision, ease and (we're serious) fun.

Bryan Perla, creator of the nifty tool says, "I designed Little ELF to solve the annoying issue associated with wrapping presents. I watched my family and friends continuously struggle.... I knew I needed to revolutionize how people cut wrapping paper." After going on Shark Tank, Perla got two offers, and soon Little ELF hit the mainstream.

"Works perfect and will save us time during our Holiday Gift Wrapping Fundraising. Great alternative to avoid using scissors and have a perfect straight cut," says one of more than 5,400 five-star reviewers on Amazon.

Wrap gifts, lickity split. (Photo: Amazon)
Wrap gifts, lickity split. (Photo: Amazon)

No more torn paper, catching snags and uneven wrapping that makes your gifts look like the cat got to them. Just slip Little ELF onto a roll, then slide and glide to get a sheet that's just the right length. The blade is safely embedded, to protect hands. Save paper, save time, save stress.

This durable cutter works well on other types of paper rolls — and vinyls too. Fits beautifully in a stocking— and makes a great gift for crafters. They'll love having a tool like this in their arsenal.

Made in the USA, the device fits all rolls that are 2.25-inches or less in diameter. (Photop: Amazon)
Made in the USA, the device fits all rolls that are 2.25-inches or less in diameter. (Photop: Amazon)

"This item is super easy to use and cuts well every time," reports one happy customer. "I've used it at least 5 times already and it works perfectly. It's such a great time saver and I've even come back to buy more for other friends as a cute little gift. This little helper makes me actually enjoy wrapping presents!!...."

Even perfectionists rave: "This thing has put a lot of my anxiety at ease. You can finally cut the paper from the roll IN A STRAIGHT LINE without getting out a ruler and marker!!!!! I love this thing. I have used it so much the blade is getting a little dull. But it still works, FANTASTIC!!!!"

Get yourself a Little ELF to transform holiday prep, not just this year, but ongoing. In December 2022 when you unpack your holiday things, you'll be so glad to find this hard-working tool among them.

2 for $15 at Amazon

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