McDonald's announces change as virus spreads, boy, 14, arrested after uni stabbing: Australia news live

Plus a man has died when his ute struck a tree after leaving the road 160km west of Sydney.

Yahoo's live news blog for Tuesday, July 2 has concluded.

We started with the death of a Qantas passenger who fell ill before her flight left Melbourne in her bid to reunite with family for the first time in four years. Read more below.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's tax cuts rolled out yesterday but one struggling mum says it's just not good enough as a slew of everyday costs continue to soar.

McDonald's has also responded to the worsening bird flu outbreak with a change to its menu.

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    Peter Dutton's big Coles and Woolworths call

    Major supermarkets would be broken up if found to be repeatedly price-gouging consumers, under a coalition proposal.

    Divestiture powers would be introduced as a method of last resort to address anti-competitive behaviour in the sector, according to plans laid out by the opposition should they win the next election.

    It comes after growing calls to break up the supermarket duopoly of Coles and Woolworths after price rises.

    Peter Dutton
    Opposition leader Peter Dutton says he wouldn't hesitate in breaking up the two big supermarkets. Source: AAP

    Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said the divestiture powers addressed concerns from consumers and farmers about rising costs at the checkout.

    "The situation in Australia at the moment is that there's a massive concentration of market share within the two major companies, within Coles and Woolies," he told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday.

    "There are many complaints, and validly made by consumers as well, who are worried about what it means when they go to the checkout with ever-increasing prices."

    Read more here.

    - AAP

  • Tammy Hembrow's insane payday for social media post

    Tammy Hembrow is one of Australia's most recognisable influencers on social media. And for businesses wanting to capitalise on that, it's going to cost them.

    According to Australian talent agency Hunter Talent, the 30-year-old model, who has a net worth of around $50 million, can earn just shy of $83,000 per sponsored post shared to her 17 million followers.

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  • ANZ continued to charge dead customers fees

    ANZ has been sanctioned for charging fees to the estates of dead clients in what has been described as a serious breach by the industry's independent monitor.

    The major bank was found to have failed to stop charging or refund fees charged to deceased estates after customers' deaths.

    It also failed to respond to requests for information from the dead clients' representatives, which it is required to do in under 14 days.

    ANZ identified the issue in 2022 but took over a year to start implementing solutions and another year before it started its ongoing customer remediation program.

    Read more here.

    - AAP

  • Jay Slater fundraiser will pay for family to remain in Tenerife

    The mother of missing British teen Jay Slater has shed light on where the funds raised during his search will end up.

    More than $85,000 has been raised since the 19-year-old disappeared on the Spanish island of Tenerife, gripping the UK and millions more around the world.

    Police on the island have ended their search with no trace of Slater found however members of the community, friends and family as well as experts who have come to the island as part of the search continue to look for the teen.

    Jay Slater and his mother Debbie Duncan.
    Jay Slater and his mother Debbie Duncan.

    Slater’s mother, Debbie Duncan, has said the funds will be put towards accomodation with the family set to remain on the island as they search for Slater.

    “I wanted to share that these funds will be used to support the mountain rescue teams who are tirelessly searching for Jay. Additionally, since our stay in Tenerife needs to be extended, we will also use the funds to cover accommodation and food expenses," she wrote online.

    She previously said some of the fund had been used to fly "loved ones" to the island.

    The funds have been heavily scrutinised as a series of unfounded conspiracies circulated online, one which claimed the money raised was to be used as a ransom payment to free Slater following involvement in organised crime. Police never put forward such a theory.

  • Ash Barty dishes out the TimTams at Wimbledon

    While it's all about strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, the TimTams are out and are certainly keeping one former tennis star very happy.

    Former Wimbledon champion Ash Barty gifted a personalised packet of TimTams to former British star Laura Robson, to the delight of the 30-year-old.

    "Made my day," she said on Instagram sharing a picture of herself with Barty and the Aussie treat.

    Robson was of course born in Australia and now works covering tennis in the media since her retirement two years ago.

    Barty herself has impressed viewers with her punditry work at Wimbledon this week, with fans branding her input as "marvellous". She'll also be taking to the court for the Invitational Doubles later in the tournament.

    Ash Barty handing over the TimTams.
    Ash Barty handing over the TimTams.
  • Doctors offered $100k to move to Tasmania

    Doctors are being offered $100k as an incentive to move to regional Tasmania.

    With the money paid in increasing instalments over four years, the new scheme is an attempt to alleviate skilled staff shortages across the state.

    HECS debt of up to $100,000 will also be wiped as part of the GP Incentive Package.

    Read more about it from Yahoo Finance here.

  • McDonald's makes breakfast change amid egg shortage

    The impact of Australia's biggest ever bird flu outbreak continues to grow, with McDonald's now confirming a change in response to egg shortages.

    While McDonald's has stressed its breakfast menu will remain exactly the same, breakfast will temporarily now finish at 10.30am instead of midday.

    "Like many retailers, we are carefully managing supply of eggs due to the current industry challenges," a McDonald's statement shared with Yahoo read.

    "We’re continuing to work closely with our network of Aussie farmers, producers, and suppliers, as the industry comes together to manage this challenge."

    It comes after Coles and Woolworths implemented product limits on cartons of eggs.

    mcdonald's sign
    McDonald's breakfast will only be served until 10.30am amid an egg shortage. Source: AAP
  • At least 30 injured after plane hit by severe turbulence

    At least 30 passengers have been injured after an Air Europa flight was hit by severe turbulence.

    Photos of the aircraft shared online shows damage to seats and ceiling segments, while one video shows one person being helped down from an overhead compartment, however it is unclear how the man got there.

    The flight from Madrid to Uruguay was forced to make an emergency landing in Brazil.

    "It was a pretty horrible feeling. We thought we were going to die there, but thank God it didn’t happen," one passenger told Reuters.

    Read more here.

  • Man stabbed as uni campus closed off, 14yo arrested

    Parts of the University of Sydney campus were locked down after a stabbing on Tuesday morning.

    A NSW Ambulance spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia a male in their 20s had been taken to hospital in a stable condition after suffering an injury. They have not received reports of further injury.

    Parts of the inner-city campus were cordoned off with several police vehicles and ambulances rushing to the site. Tutors told the Sydney Morning Herald they had been issued a lockdown notice.

    Police say a 14-year-old boy who had boarded a bus nearby the site has since been arrested and is assisting with inquiries.

    "There is no ongoing risk to the community," NSW Police said. Police do not believe the two are known to each other.

  • Man dies after ute hits tree

    A man has died after his ute crashed into a tree on a regional road on Monday evening.

    The 43-year-old died at the scene of the crash in Meadow Flat, 160km west of Sydney.

    Police say officers were told the man's Toyota struck the tree and rolled. He was the sole occupant of the vehicle. Inquiries are ongoing.

  • Famous city hikes tourist tax

    Barcelona is a city popular with Aussie tourists and millions more around the world. But the famous Spanish city is doing what it can to limit the amount of tourists flocking to the city.

    According to one political party, Barcelona has "reached its limit" and the city has now taken action by increasing a tourist tax for visitors.

    Not only do visitors have to pay a daily regional tourist tax but they also have to pay a city tourist tax, which from October will rise once again. With varying prices for different accomodation, visitors can expect to pay between $9 and $13 a night.

    Deputy mayor Jaume Collboni said the city was moving away from "mass tourism" and instead was now focusing on quality.

    A movement calling for greater restrictions on tourism is spreading across Europe, with communities becoming increasingly fed up with the impact tourism has on the area.

    Read more here.

    A person reads a book on the Somorrostro Beach in Barcelona, Spain on June 19, 2024. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
    A break in Barcelona could now cost you a bit more. Source: Getty
  • Woman dies after boarding Qantas flight

    A young student died on a Qantas flight just hours from being reunited with family for the first time in four years.

    Manpreet Kaur, 24, was departing Melbourne when she fell ill prior to her Delhi-bound flight taking off, the Herald Sun reported.

    Friends say she had felt unwell before her flight and after boarding, she collapsed to the ground from her seat.

    It is believed she died from tuberculosis, the publication reported, with the coroner currently investigating her June 20 death.

    A GoFundMe page has been set up on behalf of her family.

    Manpreet Kaur died after boarding her Qantas flight last month. Source: Herald Sun
    Manpreet Kaur died after boarding her Qantas flight last month. Source: Herald Sun

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