Liz Truss' phone hacked by Vladimir Putin

Liz Truss' phone was reportedly hacked by Vladimir Putin.
The former Prime Minster, 47, stepped down from the top government position last week after just 50 days in office but is said to have had her phone tapped into by agents working for the Russian president - who launched an ongoing military invasion of neighbouring country Ukraine in February - when she served as Foreign Secretary in 2021, according to the Daily Mail on Sunday.
A source said: "It is not a great look for the intelligence services if the Foreign Secretary’s phone can be so easily plundered for embarrassing personal messages by agents presumed to be working for Vladimir Putin’s Russia."
The outlet alleged that those agents managed to get their hands on "top-secret details" regarding negotiations with international allies in addition to "a year's worth of conversations" about the war and her predecessor Boris Johnson which had been exchanged with Kwasi Kwarteng before his short stint as Chancellor of the Exchequer.
It is said that Liz "had trouble sleeping" over the alleged hack and worried that the incident could scupper her chances of Premiership until a news blackout was implemented.
Former conservative party leader Iain Duncan Smith said: "Iain Duncan Smith said: ‘This is what we’re up against. Russia does this all the time. This is their sole purpose – their way to get back at us. We are all far too casual about our phones in general. Ministers should be much more careful and should not be using their personal phones for anything. I assume my private phone is being hacked."
Following the assertions, a government spokesperson said: "The Government has robust systems in place to protect against cyber threats. That includes regular security briefings for Ministers and advice on protecting their personal data and mitigating cyber threats."